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Will Daniels

Piano Studio

Welcome to the

Will Daniels Piano Studio

Classical, contemporary, and flexible instruction for children and adults, beginner through advanced. We offer lessons in-person and online.

For older students (12+ years and adults). This course is highly structured and adventurous. The course is primarily designed for experienced pianists, but may also be taken by those just starting out.

A specialized focus on music theory and composition. These lessons may be conducted separately or in tandem with piano lessons.


Our Studio

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Here at the Will Daniels Piano Studio, students are invited to grow through musical mentorship. With our students, we strive to shape the intellect through structured curriculum, to stimulate imagination and love for beauty, and to control the body skillfully. Our goal is for the student to seek and find joy in music, to understand it more deeply and truly, and to illuminate it for others.

We offer weekly lessons in-person at our home studio and online. The curriculum, performance opportunities, and practice expectations for you will depend on your goals and commitment. We teach our students with classical and contemporary methods, repertoire, and technique. Will Daniels specializes in technical instruction with the Taubman Approach, Lister Sink method, and the Great Tradition of piano virtuosity. For young beginners, Will teaches from the Suzuki method as a means to excite the children's love of music and to develop their ears along with technique. As separate courses of study, we also offer jazz piano lessons and music theory/composition lessons. Will Daniels Piano Studio works in close association with the Central Florida Music Teachers Association in order to bring students recitals, masterclasses, evaluations, and more.


Our Student


Here is what students, parents, and alumni have to say about the Will Daniels Piano Studio.

“As a musician myself, I have known countless music teachers over time, and Will is by far one of the best. Not only is he an excellent musician, he is a kind and insightful teacher. My daughter learned more in 8 months of studying with him than I ever expected, and she learned a love of music that can only be communicated by someone who is genuine in their passion and expertise. When she began lessons, she could not even read music (I had tried to teach her, but playing music and teaching music are two different skill sets and I don’t have the latter!); and by the time she decided to take a break from lessons 8 months later, she was sight reading and playing duets with me. I recommend Will’s studio to everyone I know, and I’m grateful for the time we had to get to know him and benefit from his teaching.”

-Michelle Langrock

“As a former blind student, I can confidently attest to Will’s ability as a teacher and accompanist. With his knowledge and guidance, I was able to progress far more than I would have otherwise given my circumstances. I continue to reference recordings and notes taken from our lessons, and I am eternally grateful that he has enabled me to experience the joy of piano playing regardless of my path in life. I highly recommend him to future students looking for an encouraging and disciplined teacher.”

-Ton Pham

“Will is a super patient and knowledgeable instructor! I admire him as a most proficient pianist and educator. Although my time taking lessons with him was brief due to my then and current schooling/work situations, I find myself looking back at recordings of our lessons to remind myself of what he's taught me in great detail - I highly recommend him as an instructor, whether your ambitions as a pianist are to play for performance or for fun. The lessons that he has taught me still stick with me today, and I don't think that I would've been able to change my bad (and injurious) habits on the piano without his intervention. I enjoy the music that I play in my free time much more than I did before taking lessons with him, and I am a better pianist for it. Thank you, Will :) !”

-Miguel Garcia Perez

“Will is an amazing pianist and an equally awesome teacher! I thought virtual lessons would be difficult, but Will's ear for music made it feel like he was right there next to me. My lessons were a great mix of jazz theory and practical playing exercises and tunes, and he was able to help me learn how to begin improvising one step at a time. Since I am a pianist with a classical background, jazz was out of my comfort zone but Will helped me improve my confidence as a well-rounded musician. I highly recommend his piano studio!”

-Kevin Joselyn

"Will is a great teacher, he is very knowledgeable in various works and styles of music! He is kind, patient, organized, and really prioritizes the goals you have for yourself. He really makes sure you succeed!! He is also an amazing player and accompanist!"

-Crystal Fuentes

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